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Age restrict access to your shop



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Apply an age gate to the entire site or indiviual products   

Sometimes, what your selling is only for customers over a certain age. Use Lockage to apply an age restriction page to your entire site or to individual products. No need to hide all your products behind an age gate if they don't need too.

If you choose to restrict indiviual products, well, we have made it super easy for you to choose the products you want to restrict, set these products

  • by vendor
  • by collection or
  • individual products alone.

Apply different backgrounds to the age gate, use predefined patterns with your choice of colour, or use a custom image that you have created as the background.

Your going to love the agility and customisable features of being able to apply the age gate to your shop.         


This walkthrough will show you how to install and use Lockage on Shopify.

  • 0:09 How to install
  • 0:39 Applying age restriction to product
  • 3:08 Setting your own background image